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What Is a Health Insurance Premium?

What Is a Health Insurance Premium?

Your health insurance premium is the set payment you have every month for your health insurance plan. Unlike other costs associated with health insurance plans, you will continue paying your health insurance premium even after you’ve met your deductible.

What you should know about health insurance premium

In spite of the fact that there are a few significant expenses and terms to comprehend about health insurance, the health insurance charge is likely the main thing a great many people comprehend about their health insurance plans. The expense the vast majority see first while looking for plans. So whether you go to the specialist consistently, or you never utilize your health benefits once, your expense won’t change during that enlistment year in view of the amount you utilize your health insurance.

How much does a premium cost on average

The cost of your premium will depend on several different variables including:

  • the plan you choose
  • the amount of dependents covered by your plan
  • the company who provides the insurance
  • where you live
  • the level of coverage you need

In 2018, the average individual premium is $440 a month and the average family premium is $1,168 a month, according to eHealth data from the beginning of the 2018 Open Enrollment Period.


How can anyone afford a health insurance premium?

It is true, when you need to purchase health insurance all alone, as opposed to get a business supported plan, health insurance can be really costly. Seeing the amazing sticker prices on plans could cause you to feel like a singular arrangement is excessively costly for you to bear.
Fortunately, the previously mentioned costs reflect how much an unsubsidized plan costs. For certain individuals, getting a sponsorship could mean the distinction between a triple digit premium and a solitary digit premium.
The Obamacare endowments that can assist people and families with covering their premium are classified “high level premium credits”.

How do advanced premium credits work?

The government distributes these sponsorships on a sliding scale for you to apply to ACA-consistent health insurance plans. On the off chance that you purchase an Obamacare anticipate eHealth, we can assist you with getting progressed premium credits (APCs) through the public authority run trades. We will give you a gauge, and when your application is inspected and endorsed, the credits will be applied.
High level premium credits are given toward the start of the year, and depend on family pay and size. To qualify, you typically can’t have the choice to have picked boss supported health insurance, and have to procure somewhere in the range of 100 and 400 percent of the government neediness level.


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